Monday, 3 August 2015

Brit Decor: Explores 'rural rustic' with the Annandale Shepherd Cottage

All images/ Pattersons

Living the rural life myself, although not to this degree of remoteness, I am a pretty big advocate of rustic styling, but within a contemporary context, I should add. However, my eyes immediately stood still when I first stumbled across these stunning images from the award-winning Patterson's Associates Architects, based in New Zealand.

Perched on a weathered hilltop overlooking an awesome coastline with sea views to die for, this modest cottage is neatly nestled amongst a group of statuesque pine trees - placed together almost as if ready to be painted by an artist in a rich palette of oils. This picture postcard home looks inviting enough on a clear day but imagine the 'cosy' factor on a stormy Winter's night...

Patterson's explain that the old shepherd's cottage began as a restoration project for holiday makers seeking a romantic retreat. Where possible the building has been conserved, adding the all important 'character' factor and to reflect its origins as a working building at Annandale Farm. The hidden aspect to the renovation of this cottage is the updated services (electricity, water etc) and structural works to strengthen against earthquakes.

The alluring warm glow and textures of the internal woodwork creates an instant soothing effect, helped along by the roaring open fire, of course. Wood is definitely the dominant material here, and I love how no effort has been made to compete with its natural beauty, instead neutral paints and fabrics are the order of the day. My favourite room...has to be the rustic kitchen. #inspired

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