Monday 10 August 2015

Brit Decor: Creates/ Mono-Planter

All Images / Copyright Mike Ahern

I recently picked up this cute little Astrophytum Myriostigma or more commonly known as Bishop's Mitre - can you see the resemblance to the symbolic religious head gear? Native to the highlands of northeastern and central Mexico, I figure this cactus is going to need some warmth, so it's currently sitting in our south-facing lounge where it should be comfortable (am I writing as though this is a new family member??). A measure of just how well I manage to nurture this plant will be, I guess, if it produces a beautiful satin-yellow flower. Watch this space...

There is something highly therapeutic about the entire process of buying new houseplants - firstly selecting a healthy looking plant from the local garden centre and then choosing the right kind of planter, and finally, deciding where to place it. In this instance I was feeling particularly creative at the weekend and so out came the paints and letter stamp for today's 'Brit Decor Creates'.

Fortunately, I like to keep a stockpile of old and new terracotta pots at the cottage, because they are always so useful. Here I chose to use a new pot for its smooth surface, which makes for slightly easier painting. After priming the pot and then painting it with a pure white base coat, I opted for Farrow & Ball's Downpipe Grey as my contrasting colour, and this was the fun part - I just loaded the brush with paint, placed this on the rim of the pot and applied a little pressure as I ran the length of the brush across the rim. Then I just sat back and let the paint do the rest of the work as it ran down the pot. I repeated this process with the saucer.

To finish off, and purely for fun, I wanted to add a tiny graphic element to this design, so I used my little letter stamping set and printed an 'M' on the side of the planter. I love the contrast between the fresh white and the dark grey, complimented perfectly by the frosted sage green colour of the cactus.

Here's hoping for growth for all of us this week, including our houseplants!

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