Monday, 22 June 2015

Brit Decor: Loves / Cauldron light from Mineheart

ImagesMineheart/Young & Battaglia

This brand new collection from eclectic British design company Mineheart has really caught my eye! The Cauldron light is designed by Young and Battaglia, and are inspired by centuries-old traditional cooking pots. However, the historic element ends there as these designs are worthy of any contemporary setting.

Each pendant is made from smooth black glass and creates a dark, dramatic and deeply alluring presence, particularly when hung in groups for maximum impact. Perfect for bewitching guests at a dinner party or for making a statement in a hallway or living room...

The Cauldron light takes inspiration from cooking pots and storage jars from centuries ago, turning this on its head to create iconic lighting pieces,” Young and Battaglia.

These lights come in four shapes - three pendants and one table lamp:

Curved Pendant Cauldron Lamp £320 Large Cauldron Pendant Lamp £360 Large Cylinder Cauldron Lamp £340 Cylinder Cauldron Lamp £300 Cylinder Cauldron Table Lamp £310

All available from
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