Friday, 19 June 2015

Brit Decor: Goes Coastal

All images / Copyright Mike Ahern

My #instafriends will know that I was busily shooting pics during my recent holiday on the stunning Gower coastline in Wales, in fact, I still haven't found time to sift through and edit all of these. Then of course, I will need decide if any images are striking enough to be made into prints for the cottage (I love to add original photo prints from my travels, as a constant visual reminder of fun times).

The changeable weather on this world-famous stretch of coastline, the UK's first ever designated area of natural outstanding beauty, made for some awesome images of contrasting stormy skies, swelling seas, dreamy blue back-drops and gentle shimmering waves - enough to tempt even the most reluctant of amateur photographers to take up lenses.

These particular shots were taken at Port Enyon and the world-famous Rossili beach, which was breathtakingly beautiful! I hope you enjoy these pics and have a great weekend, wherever you are.


  1. Beautiful pics of the Gower, we definitely need to visit sometime, think a holiday is in order! Love being by the sea :)

  2. Thanks Glyn - hope you book that holiday soon!


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