Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Brit Decor: Summer living room update with Dwell

Images / Copyright of Mike Ahern

I had been feeling the need to update the cottage for some time - this is a seasonal thing for me with the onset of every Summer and the prospect of brighter, longer days. This time of year allows me to literally see each living space in a new light and assess what does and doesn't work so well within each decorative scheme. So imagine my delight when the team over at Dwell asked me if I'd like to update my home with some of their key products, to show how easy it is to re-vamp and re-organise our living spaces with a few choice items! 

For my mini-makeover I began with the living room, which is the hub of the house and my favourite place to kick-back and experience some downtime. Apart from the fireplace mantel, I had become acutely aware of a lack of shelving in this room, as these offer a means of displaying favourite items and can provide additional storage space. 

I opted for Dwell's 'Escala' shelves in white because I knew that the matt finish would blend seamlessly into the brilliant white walls without appearing to intrude upon this modestly-sized space. These bring a subtle chalky architecture to the room and I love how the white gives a fresh look which really enhances the bright colours of my chosen objects of interest, now proudly on display.

For the shelving I have also added two further products from Dwell's collection - the charming 'clay vase' (bottom shelf) for that artisan/handcrafted look, and the white 'marble toothbrush holder' (second shelf from the top). Sometimes it pays to think outside of the box and I really wanted to add one of 2015's hottest materials, marble, into my living room. Here, I've ditched the toothbrush and instead utilised the holder as a stationery pot, although I may even use this as a vase at some point!

Finally, I chose Dwell's 'Aztec cup tower' to bring a touch of pastel geo-goodness into the mix and liven up my coffee table. These colourful espresso cups give just the right balance of energy and calm through a combination of chalky greens, pinks and greys in an exciting array of patterns - perfect for some lively coffee table talk with friends.

Key to my choices were how well each product would work in harmony with the existing scheme (without having to redecorate) and their functionality within the room. For a closer look at my product picks from Dwell, please see 'below' and of course, you can view much more at their online store.

The 'upstairs edit' in my home makeover with Dwell will be coming soon!

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