Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Brit Decor: Fifth Wall

How often do we look up at the space above us? Ceilings can sometimes fall short of our attention when considering decorative schemes, and despite covering a huge swathe of space, this frequently white area is often overlooked as a potential source of colour. We all know that colour can totally transform a room, but if we include the ceiling in this, and effectively treat it as a fifth wall, the potential impact can elevate a room to a whole new level.

White is the paint of choice for the majority of ceilings because of its tendency to lift a space and create the illusion of additional height in a room. However, particularly in smaller spaces and those with limited natural light, the white will become a lacklustre grey and subsequently lack any light-emitting qualities. I'm a huge advocate of painting small box rooms, including the ceiling, in dark and alluring shades, rather than fighting to create light that just isn't there.

Matching the ceiling and wall colours can create instant depth and richness as the chosen colour is then able to envelope the room in what can become a seamless scheme. Ceilings can appear lower, which lends to a cosier and more intimate feel - this technique is particularly useful for rooms with double-height ceilings. For even greater depth, consider a slight variation in ceiling colour i.e. one that is just a shade or two away from the wall colour.

For the braver amongst us, making the bold choice to paint the ceiling in a different colour entirely can really pay off as this introduces a strong graphic statement and can instantly turned what was once an overlooked area into something amazing.

Have you painted a ceiling in an interesting colour? I'd love to know how it looks?

1/ Anglepoise giant floor lamp £2,400 Heals 2/ Juniper Ash no.115 emulsion from £18.75 Little Greene 
3/ Tom Dixon wingback sofa in Dark Blue £6,900 Nest.co.uk 4/ Copper seagrass baskets (set of 3)
£63 House Envy 5/ Khampla rug £750 Clippings 6/ Hay DLM XL table in Lavender £169 Cimmermann 
7/ Pewter moss stitch throw £69.95 House Envy 8/ Lakir cushion cover £24 Clippings 9/ Silk hand loomed 
cushion cover (Apricot) £29 West Elm UK

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