Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Brit Decor: Dream Island

Images (from top) / 1 Style Logistics 2/ Design Attractor 3/ Robson Rak 4/ Nicety 5/ Arch Daily 

Space in our homes is increasingly at a premium for many of us these days, so it is no wonder that kitchen islands are becoming a must-have feature, bringing with them additional storage and functionality.

Unfortunately my compact cottage kitchen can't afford the space needed to accommodate an island but I am still a huge advocate of this as a feature in kitchens - I love how my parent's central island, which straddles the kitchen and dining room, seems to draw everyone into its orbit as we sit around with our cups of tea and share the weekly gossip - it's not merely at the centre of the room, it feels as though it's at the centre of the universe!

The functionality of a kitchen island can cover a hugely broad range of uses from simply providing additional worktop surfaces, to housing appliances and utilities such as an oven or sink.  For larger kitchens, central islands can provide a firm anchor or focal point, helping to pull the overall scheme together and fill unwanted empty floor space. Longer, rectangular islands can create a very powerful dividing line between a kitchen and dining area for example, which is particularly useful for open plan living, as shown in Divide & Conquer 'above'.

If you are not 100% sure if an island is right for your kitchen, a great compromise can be the portable kind, like the wheel-based version in the Rustic Revival look 'above'. This is also a highly practical solution as it can easily be moved around the space and adapt to the user's needs at any given time.

Personally I'm a big fan of integrated islands with seating, which enables greater interaction between the cook and their co-inhabitants or guests and really does help to make a kitchen the 'hub' of the home. This is also fantastic for serving up freshly cooked food in the most sociable of settings, including those on-the-go express meals! Throw in some shelving for books, as shown in the Multi-functional look 'above' and you literally have it all.

Do you have an island in your kitchen? If so, would you be without one?

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