Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Brit Decor: White - A Modern Fairytale

Images (from top): 1/ Mike Ahern 2/ Futureproof Design 3/ Artilleriet 4/ Decor & Design 
5/ Daniella Witte 6/ AD Office

Living in the Southwest of the UK generally means that we see far less snow than in some other parts of the country, which in practical terms is great because the small rural roads surrounding my house can become pretty treacherous after just a few hours of persistent snowfall (I speak from firsthand experience!). 

Despite the pitfalls, from an aesthetics point of view I do sometimes long to open my curtains to a dreamy Winter wonderland heavily dusted with coat upon coat of powdery white snow, like the photo I snapped 'above' a couple of years ago, but for now I continue make do with favouriting wintery pics on Instagram.

The last time that you experienced an outdoor snowscape, did you notice something quite unique? Perhaps it was the intensity of the light? The pure and brilliant white coating of snow reflects the daylight creates an almost heavenly palette with light bouncing all around. This same principal can create a knock-out interior scheme too with a careful edit of furnishings and accessories to compliment, rather like embellishments on a freshly iced cake.

I still smile when I think back to my late teens and how I insisted on painting both my bedroom walls and the flooring in brilliant white. My wonderful Mum and Dad (bless them) were entirely supportive, even if they were perhaps a little apprehensive of my plans. Thankfully the final result allayed any fears of a whitewash disaster and instead set in motion my ongoing love affair with white interiors. 

My old childhood bedroom suddenly took on a new lease of life, looked twice its original size and showed off bold coloured furniture and accessories to their best advantage. Not only this, I loved the range of constantly changing tones depending on the light levels. On a dull day the whites took on a pale chalky grey tone and on golden sunny evenings the room would adopt a blushing pink glow. 

Snow White is not just a fairytale you know, give it a try...

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