Monday, 5 January 2015

Brit Decor: Palette 2015

All images / Mike Ahern

One minute I was writing my final post of 2014 and wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and in the next apparent blink of an eye, here I am willing everyone a spectacular 2015 - how did that happen so quickly...?

For the second consecutive Festive period, I successfully resisted the urge to plough into a list of things to do around the cottage and instead allowed myself a complete two week break, and boy did it feel good, in fact, it felt utterly indulgent for someone who is usually so 'time poor'.

New Year's day normally involves a walk along a coastline with friends, and as the photos I snapped 'above' will have already shown, this year was no exception. The clouds were low, dark and brooding but we really didn't care much for their threats of a hefty shower as we sucked in the bracing sea air. From experience, whenever I have taken a walk along a beach at New Year, I always find myself in amongst a cheerful throng of people also making the most of the fresh air and blowing away the Christmas cobwebs - it's such a good feeling!

I love the rich and changing colour palette of the coastline at this time of year - Winter shades tend to ebb towards muted pastels, stormy greys and blues fused with richer accents like the turquoise paint adorning the seafront shelters - currently subdued by the darker skies but poised to come alive again with the sunshine.

Although we are more accustomed to coastal-meets-nautical themes in the Summertime, I have put together the collection 'below' to show how easy it is to draw inspiration from the landscape around us at anytime of year, and you know what? The coastal theme works well even on the bleakest of Winter days. Mixing chalky grey neutrals with varying tones of aqua creates a perfect balance of calm alongside subtle threads of uplifting colour.

Happy 2015 friends!

1/ Mya velvet cushion £30 Made 2/ Bymolle Linen napkins £14 Trove Cafe 3/ Notes booklet £7 Hay
4/ Glass carafe £10.20 House Envy 5/ Anchor cushion £29 Made 6/ Feathers wallpaper British Lichen
£55 Mini Moderns 7/ Woven straw basket £26 French Connection

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