Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Brit Decor: A Modern Gothic Tale

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The Victorians loved to mimic Gothic architecture, which subsequently ushered into British homes (and beyond), a hugely popular revival of Gothic styling. Since then, this style has endured the test of time and remained popular in a world of constantly changing trends. As a result, the Gothic-look has aged remarkably well, but what makes this such a popular and relevant style choice in the 21st Century? 

Today's Gothic interiors exude a sense of drama and intrigue - inspiring some homeowners to act out a dark and mysterious narrative through an abundance of alluring darker colour tones and plush textiles. This style can also be romantic and over-indulgent but above all, it can withstand the rigours of time. But how do we adapt this narrative into our own homes and make it work...?

Below, I've put together a mood board to recreate the Gothic look with a modern twist. In terms of the colour palette, take a bold leap over to the dark-side, but if black is a step too far, explore rich colour tones such as Little Greene's 'Basalt 221' blue-black paint (no.4 below), or the slightly lighter reddish toned 'Pelt' from Farrow & Ball. With these darker colours, it's great fun to explore and exploit texture by applying contrasting gloss against matt finishes and offsetting shiny silk-like fabrics with softer velvets for both a highly tactile feel and further contrast. 

The deep smokey purple velvet upholstery of Conran's 'Wallace' armchair (no.9 below) makes for an incredible statement furniture piece, and for a more contemporary feel, I've thrown in a lighter turquoise velvet cushion from Amara (no.1) along with a modern take on a classic portrait, with this stunning 'Tom Green' graphic cushion (no.2) from Clippings.

In keeping with the theme of contrast, for our modern Gothic tale I have selected this glossy black 'Flos' table lamp (no.3) with its inner gold lining for that hint of opulence, along with luxury accessories such as Tom Dixon's 'Earth' scent (no.8) and the enchanting limited edition 'ink blot' side plate from Rockett St George (no.5).

Flooring should be dark and dramatic to help set the stage for the Gothic scheme - parquet flooring is back with a vengeance in 2015 so it's no surprise that I love the rich texture of this black oak herringbone flooring (no.6). Our modern gothic palette can afford some playfulness in the flooring department by threading in some brighter tones with this show-stopping 'Hummingbird' rug by Alexander McQueen (no.7) for The Rug Company. With its plush black base adorned with beautiful Hummingbird illustrations, there is a careful concentration of rich and exciting colours, which flow into this otherwise dark scheme,  but without overpowering it. Light the candles and we're ready to go!
Do you have a 'thing' for the Gothic trend? I'd love to know your thoughts if you do...

1/ Paddy velvet cushion (Turquoise) £69 Amara  2/ Tom Green cushion £72 Clippings 3/ Flos Miss K T table lamp £180 Amara 4/ Basalt 221 emulsion from £18.75 Little Greene 5/ Ltd edition ink blot side plate (Horse) £20 Rockett St George
6/ New Classics, Louvre black Oak parquet £95.95 per m2  WoodFloors 7/ Hummingbird Alexander McQueen £2,535
 per m2 The Rug Company 8/ Scent Earth Large £150 Tom Dixon 9/ Wallace armchair in Varese Velvet £1,820 The Conran Shop

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