Monday, 17 November 2014

Brit Decor: Autumn Crush

All images / Mike Ahern

My weekends seem to be flying past faster than the Red Arrows we saw at Fairford, back in the Summer. I had been meaning to pencil in some time to pick up my camera, grab @simonwatsonpt by the scruff of his neck, pop on our wellies and head outdoors. Living in the countryside is a novelty that never wears out for me and it's always there, beckoning to be enjoyed, so that's exactly what we did at the weekend. 

This year has been no exception and we have once again been spoilt with awesome views of fiery coloured trees burning like beacons on the Autumnal landscape, much of which is now at the tail end of this display and this cyclical spectacle has now shifted underfoot with carpets of leaves and pine needles cushioning every step.

I love how Autumn is now shifting into a new phase - one of architecture and winter decoration with trees now shaping statuesque moves and pretty red berries glistening in the hedgerows. I even spotted the familiar milky white globes of Mistletoe on our walk - now that's a prelude to Christmas, right?!

The weather during our walk was typically British in its changeable nature, ranging from dramatic dark clouds to glimmers of misty sunshine, which gave me opportunity to get some good contrasting shots, which I naturally wanted to share with you.

During our walk back to the cottage, it dawned on me just how much inspiration a little break can bring - just stepping out of one environment and into another, even if only for a short time, can be so inspiring, especially for us creative types. This brought to mind a quote from Author Paul Arden; "If you get stuck, draw with a different pen." And that's exactly what our walk did, so I am now suitably inspired for the week ahead.

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