Monday, 13 October 2014

Brit Decor: Simple Folk

Images (from top) 1/ Etsy 2/ Design is Mine 3/ The Design Files

Folk-style isn't just about a particular look, it's also how traditional methods are applied during the design and make process, such as screen printing and tapestry, to arrive at a vibrant and well-crafted solution. So it's actually very refreshing so see a huge revival of Folk arts emerging in some of the latest AW2014 fashion and interiors collections. It's also a perfect Winter-look with playful scenes filled with woodland animals and playful patterns.

Today I've incorporated my signature simple-style into a folk-inspired narrative to create 'Simple Folk'. Here we immerse all the eclectic pattern into a calming pool of nordic calm, and a sea of pale neutrals. In a nutshell; it's the new modern cool.

To help kickstart the 'Simple Folk' look, 'below' I've made a section of my favourite picks from the cyber high-street to adorn our homes with. Happy shopping friends!

Simple Folk Shopping1/ Screen print by Laikonik £10.95 Etsy 2/ Scandinavian geometric
mountain coin purse £9.59 Etsy 3/ Folklore blue enamel tea pot £14.95 Bloomsbury
4/ Dreamscape notebook £9 Paperchase 5/ Ary trays folk stripe tray £25.50 Amara
6/ Doft Ware spirale cushion £79.20 Made in Design 7/ Pennsylvania bed spread £200
Vintage Folk

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