Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Brit Decor: New Cool / Wool

Images (from top) 1/ Deas Og Mia 2/ My World Apart 3/ Scandinavian Deko 4/ Deas Og Mia

Here in my little corner of the world it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride in meteorological terms with an unseasonably mild start to Autumn. One minute I am following my human instinct to cosy-up, like I would in any normal October - preparing logs for the wood burner (and writing about it in my 'Basket Love' post), whilst the next minute I find myself placing the thick woollen sweaters back in the wardrobe for a currently unknown length of time...

However, in stylistic terms we can usher the new cool in interiors into our homes at any point in the year. Despite its sometimes Wintery connotations, wool now officially rocks, whatever the Season. I am currently obsessed with the new trend for super chunky knits (just check out the enormous crochet hook from the hip NY store Loopy Mango - all nine inches of it!). I love the architecture created by these, which can bring both structure and comfort to a home (see 'above') and there's now literally a colour to suit everyone. Tip: Try indulging in a rich colour palette of wools this Autumn by mimicking the colours of the rusting leaves outside.

In terms of colour timing, I tend to ebb towards lighter, brighter wools for Spring/Summer interiors and darker, richer tones for Winter, like this stunning Pewter Moss Stitch throw from House Envy (no.1 below). Or if you are missing the sight of the golden sun beaming down upon you, then consider a palette of yellow wools to add richness and energy, like the grey/yellow combo knitted cushion by Catherine Tough (no.2 below) or the insanely rich Mellow Yellow yarn (no.7) from the pinnacle of 'wool cool' - Wool and the Gang.

So my friends, do you want to join the cool gang...?

1/ Pewter Moss stitch throw £69.95 House Envy 2/ Knitted cushion grey check £62 Catherine Tough
3/ Knitted friend Bandit the Racoon £38 Not on The High Street 4/ Giant Crochet hook
$26 Loopy Mango 5/ Hand knit slipper sock £49 Toast 6/ Say my name beanie £62 Wool &The Gang
7/ Shiny Happy Cotton (Mellow Yellow) £9 Wool & The Gang

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