Sunday, 14 September 2014

Brit Decor: Monochrome Nomad/ Event with Joss & Main

Lately on Brit Decor I have been swooning over the meteoric rise of the monochrome trend. I have since lost track of the number of headlines proclaiming in the interiors press that 'Black is the new white' and vice versa, but I wonder if we really do need to be that specific when it comes to monochrome? To truly maximise the potential of one of these opposing colours, surely we need the other? I figure that marrying black with white is one of the strongest colour unions you can get, so let the wedding commence...

Recently, an exciting opportunity to explore the monochrome-look in greater depth, landed on my (white) desk. I was approached by members-only interiors store Joss & Main, who asked if I would  devise a theme and then work with their incredible buying team to guest curate an entire home collection for the home.

Like a cat on heat, I jumped at monochrome as my chosen theme, eager to play with black and white, but also mix things up a little with some pastel greys and natural wood for warmth. The resulting collection is based on my idea of a nomadic interiors lover, travelling the globe and collecting inspiring monochromes (and the in-betweens) with an eclectic array of pattern and texture. This isn't standard monochrome, it's something much more informal and meaningful.

I've selected just a tiny handful of some of my favourite picks from the Monochrome Nomad collection 'below' but I hope you'll be inspired to check out the full collection over at Joss & Main, where it's completely free to become a member.

To shop the Monochrome Nomad event is oh-so simple, just click here.

1/ Ningbo dining chair 2/ Tia table lamp 3/ Nero Leaf lamp 4/ Petralla coffee table 5/ Xayabury cushion 6/ Glare chair 7/ Ilaam cushion 8/ Abigaiel rug. All available from Joss & Main

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