Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Brit Decor: Palette/ Split Conscience Combo

Images / 1/ Mike Ahern 2/ Desire to Inspire 3/ Elding Oscarson 4/ Aura Home

Whilst creating a post for Brit Decor, it's not often that I laugh out loud but I have to admit that this palette really did make me do just that! I should explain - in thinking about the relationship between white and red, I managed to conjure up images of the old fashioned cartoon-stlyle characters; a red devil resting on one shoulder and an innocent white angel on the other, both wrestling over a person's conscience. Cartoons aside, the relationship between these two colours has often been of a symbolic nature with white symbolising purity and peace, whilst red is recognised for it's sinfully seductive warmth.

However, cartoon related anecdotes and stereotypes aside, red & white really do make for a striking colour palette in fashion and interiors. Think of the iconic barber shop or a classic Parisian cafe and you can see why this combo really works and is so deeply embedded in the colour matched world around us. 

One of the things I love the most about interior trends is their ability to adapt, evolve and reinvent. The red & white palette is a great example of this - whites can be replaced with chalky greys which accentuate the heat of the red and in turn this teases out the warmth of the greys without compromising on the contrast.  

The easiest way of achieving this look is to apply the white as a base colour, then introduce reds through accessorising and accenting. I have selected some of my favourite picks below - happy hunting my friends.

1/ Sonoro GoNewYork portable wireless speaker £119 Amara 2/ Brockley Cross cushion £65 Clippings 3/ Pantone stapler (Tomato 1660) £8 Bloomsbury 4/ Tarvine wallpaper £148 House of Hackney 5/ Lane twin tone lampshade £65 Lane 6/ Jean Paul Gaultier reversible laque cushion £110 Amara

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