Friday, 23 May 2014

Brit Decor: Store!

1/ Vase no.3 by Traci Yau 2/ Block cushion cover by Ellie Bradley
 3/ Pink & Blue Overlapping Circles by Britt Castellano 4/ Lavender candle by Zannah Hunter
5/ Canopy Stripe Cylinder vase by Jill Rosenwald 6/ Cheers mini bowls by Araya Jensen

What an evening I had yesterday! I am still reeling from our local Estate Agent's visit in which he estimated a substantial increase in the value of the cottage - property prices truly are going mad in the UK. Of course, naturally I began to blush when it became clear that the agent could barely contain his excitement about how much he loved the interior design and "presentation" of our home but it also felt really good to undergo an appraisal of my design skills because, after all, the cottage is a mirror reflection of me as a designer, which made the valuation process extremely personal. I should also take this opportunity to mention that my other half also received high praise for his awesome efforts in the garden, so we were both left feeling rather elated last night! 

In reality, I'm not sure that I do actually want to sell-up because this really does feel like home but I will keep you posted on this one. In part, I do credit some of my home's design to the accessories that I have accrued, or some might say 'amassed' over the years. For somebody like me who is quite literally obsessed with trawling the internet for the latest interior goodies and inspiration for my home and for Brit Decor, I literally jumped at the chance to work with an exciting new concept in online interiors shopping; NY based This online source puts talented designers and 'makers' in touch with style hunters like me, who then collate their favourite maker's items to create a boutique.

I really hope that you'll check out the Brit Decor Store and let me know what you think? I've selected some of my favourite picks 'above', which are the type of accessories that I would choose for my own home and, hopefully, you will too #hellogreatly

Wishing you all an inspiration-packed weekend.

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