Friday, 11 April 2014

Brit Decor: Project Throwback/

Images 'above' M&S Home

When I was recently approached to work with Marks and Spencer on a 'Throwback' project involving their Summer 2014 homeware collection, I jumped at the chance! This opened up a sentimental journey of reflection as I scoured through old photos but at the same time this process  awakened a sense of moving forward towards the excitement of Summer.

The brief for this project was simple; to find a photo of a room in a previous home and to give that space a makeover using my own selections from the new M&S Summer collection, easy...right? Not quite; it actually struck me just how few precious photos of my previous homes still exist. Prior to having an iPhone glued to my pocket, I tended to snap more exterior shots and landscapes with my trusted camera. It seems that, back then, I sadly neglected to record my life once inside of the front door.

However, I was thrilled and relieved to discover a handful of pics from my flat in Bath. I moved back to the World Heritage City in around 2002 and rented this central Georgian apartment (above) after a surprise viewing. I still vividly remember that rainy day and how I fell head over heels for the huge sash windows with their ornate wrought iron balconies and epic ceiling heights! So my flashback makeover today involves a light-filled Georgian setting with an exciting injection of deep Mediterranean blues, nautical stripes, engaging patterns and moody greys, which would have been perfect for this apartment's south-facing aspect.

With light and space in abundance, and strong architectural features dominating this room, I love how there is so much potential to play with a selection of opposing patterns here, which in this case will be brought together by a palette of blues. From the exotic beauty of the Moroccan tile print cushion (no.1) to the stormy looking fade-effect vase (no.7) and the chunky Bamboo textured table lamp (no.3), there is a strong depth of colour and texture at play in this selection.

For some strong anchor points in my scheme, I have opted for bold prints such as the Rope rug (no.6) and its distinctive pattern which is echoed in the on-trend Nautical stripe cushion (no.5) which will look great when sitting against the chalky white Maui armchair (no.8). Meanwhile, the Crackle coaster (no.2) reflects the must-have SS2014 quartz look and adds a touch of glamour and exuberance to the palette, especially alongside the beautiful Indigo blue platter (no.4). Place all of these  gorgeous accessories against a fresh clean white emulsion to maximise the light and suddenly my old flat has been transformed into an exhilarating and uplifting get away! #GoodTimes

/1 Moroccan tile print cushion £29.50 /2 Crackle coaster £15 /3 Textured bamboo table lamp £59
/4 Indigo platter £25 /5 Nautical stripe cushion £19.50 /6 Rope rug £169 /7 Tall colour fading
vase £35 /8 Maui armchair £649. All M&S Home.
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