Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Brit Decor: Palette/ Grey & Green

Images (from top) 1/ Trendenser 2/ Aura 3/ Eve Wilson 4/ Petra Bindel

With the recent foggy mornings in my part of the world, there's been a lot of grey and green colour palettes to soak up. I love how the pale grey fog fades the lush green buds and Spring growth colours into a kind of surreal and very tranquil watercolour landscape.

This same grey-meets-green colour combo can make a great addition inside the home too - in muted pastel tones it has an incredibly calming effect, as demonstrated in the first image 'above', whilst bolder shades heighten the contrast between colours to create a high energy look like Aura's striking bedding (image 2) against the charcoal grey wall behind. I also love the teasing glimpse of aqua green as an accent colour in image 3, which provides very concentrated dashes of intense contrasting colour without upsetting this relaxed scheme.

The kitchen scene in image 4 provides a wider and more sophisticated palette of greens with the paler sage colour forming the 'canvas' of the room and partnering very effectively with the grey Italian marble splash-back.

The paler pastel approach tends to work best in lighter sun-prone rooms, whilst the darker shades look fantastic in shadier, North-facing spaces where their richness looks far more dramatic and warming. And because grey is such a versatile neutral, it allows huge scope to play around with your greens until  finding the right combination that works for you.

I guess a great analogy would be to compare colour picking to dating; you just need to find the perfect match!

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