Monday, 14 April 2014

Brit Decor: Desktop Chic

Images 'above' / 1Lady 2/ Husohem 3/ French by Design 4/ The Design Files

/1 Set Square Beaker £12 Present & Correct /2 Cactus sticky notes £3 Paperchase /3 Harte
LED Lamp £15 IKEA /4 Colour block notebook £5.50 Present & Correct /5 Archive Hill
3 tier storage £115 The Conran Shop /6 Dino notes £10 Urban Outfitters

Many of us who sit at a desk will know that this often very personal space can, at times, feel like a mini-home of its own. I like to think that my desk is a piece of my own identity, from the two little Moomin badges given to me by a dear friend, to my gallery wall of inspiration, including a  treasured watercolour & gold leaf print from Venice. These little touches not only transform my workspace into something very personal and homely, they inspire me and in turn help to fuel my creativity, which is what I'm all about.

Don't be afraid to be playful with your desk space - once you have all of the practical equipment in place such as a computer, peripherals and storage, begin to think about layering the space up with one or more interesting task lights like IKEA's Harte lamp (no.3), maybe some fun desktop items such as these cactus sticky notes from Paperchase (no.2) and the quirky Dino note dispenser from Urban outfitters (no.6) to inspire and make you smile, or perhaps join the growing trend for houseplants and breath some Co2 into your working day with a cute little potted plant?

Other vital ingredients for me are a selection of my favourite interiors and lifestyle magazines to hand, some great books to dip into for those all important screen breaks and some colourful plush cushions to hand for occasional comfort breaks. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, consider throwing a feature wall into the mix directly behind your desk. Colour blocking works well, or choose a bold patterned wallpaper for interest, impact and for conveying a very clear message; that you are a sophisticated worker!

Whatever you are doing today, I hope you find the inspiration you need to make it a good one.

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