Monday, 31 March 2014

Brit Decor: Skyline Style

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Here in the UK the growth of our cities and re-development of existing centres, marches onwards (and upwards) at both an exciting and sometimes alarming pace. I am a huge fan of architecture, old and new, but perhaps the country boy in me always looks for that little bit of greenery when I'm visiting the 'big smoke', whether it's a simple window box,  a tree-lined avenue, or a beautifully manicured park.

I should be careful here not to come across as being too evangelical about gardening because I have always been captivated by it.  I love how tending to my cottage garden offers up so many benefits; a workout, food, colour, scent, and the perfect outdoor room on those Summer days.

However, a growing number of city dwellers and businesses are embracing green spaces and gardening too by reaching for the skies in search of their very own little piece of England. No matter how small, there is a garden to be had by everyone, even down to the smallest of window sills there is an opportunity to develop some green fingers - albeit very stylish ones!

I am quite taken with the notion of a city rooftop nook with some simple containers for plants (scented are best for maximising that escapist feel), mixed with a scattering of simple cushions and seating with a few dashes of ambient lighting; an oasis of calm.

For my selection of garden goodies 'below', I have kept it very simple and affordable too, leaving more funds available for investing in that perfect bottle of wine to enjoy in your new outdoor room!

Are you a fan of gardening, or maybe you have a rooftop garden of your own?  

1&2 / Seat Cushions £9.99 & £7.99 H&M Home 3/ Element string lights £10 Wilko
4/ Diamond hanging planter £39 Not on the High Street 5/ Grasmaro 3-piece gardening set £3
 IKEA 6/ ELHO planter £35 Wilko 7/ Popptorp chair £45 IKEA

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