Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Brit Decor: Watercolour

Images / 1 Casamance / 2 Designed for Life / 3 Bluebellgray

I have recently discovered what has become my new favourite app, Waterlogue, which is bringing new life to my pics and images. I love selecting images from my photo library and then watching them transform, step by step, into beautiful watercolours.

Of course, this form of painting is centuries old but free-form watercolour patterns in interior design is very current and a key trend for Spring 2014, and why not? The tonal range of these phenomenal designs create instant depth and sophistication.

What I really love about this exciting style is how it has ushered in a new wave of vibrant textiles and prints - add these to a plainer scheme for an instant makeover as these patterns will add all the colour you need and do all of the talking too! To accentuate the look further, pick out an accent colour and cleverly match accessories for full-effect, like image no.3 above from the masters of of the free-form style, Bluebellgray, with the fun table lamp and electric pink satchel helping to create a knock-out array of colour.

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