Monday, 13 January 2014

Brit Decor: Coffee Table Chic






Coffee Table Chic

Does a coffee table grace your living space? These sometimes undervalued furniture pieces can bring added functionality to a room as well as all important style and here's why... 

The coffee table will often taken centre place in a room but not necessarily centre stage. It always makes me sad to see a neglected coffee table used only as a holding area for clutter, when it could showcase stylish and interesting objects or simply stand alone as a beautiful piece of furniture.

The subtle texturing of the wood combined with the sexy oval curves of this stunning mid-twentieth century table (no.1) is more than enough to elevate it to the centre of attention, and I love how the wood fuses with the rose-pink sofa to create a warm and inviting feel. This type of vintage look is so hot right now and looks great when placed alongside other items from the same period, or alternatively, as a contrast to more contemporary pieces.

I was immediately drawn to the silhouette-style table (no.2) which cuts clean architectural lines into this arrangement, and glass is such an effective material for creating the illusion of more space. In this case, it allows you to fully appreciate the intricate leg work going on underneath. 

In complete contrast the heavy rustic look of (no.3) brings a strong natural vibe to the room and note how it connects with the outdoors too via the window in the background. The unfinished surface of the wood and the soft neutral colouring proves there is beauty in imperfection and consequently gives the room a relaxed and informal feel - the kind of room that you would want to kick off your shoes and relax in!  

I just want to explore coffee table no.4 or more specifically, its contents! This eclectic collection of books, plants and objects makes for a very interesting talking point, especially if you frequently have guests around. Grouping together items in such an orderly way creates the look of an exciting curated collection and for this look, why not pick a selection of some of your favourite things and try to update it on a regular business so it remains a captivating source interest.

Having gone through the sometimes tricky planning process of designing for a small cottage, I know that space really is at a premium so these two petite tables in image no.5 offer the perfect solution. Either as singles or nested together, smaller coffee or side tables are highly effective for adding  quirky pockets of style to a room and don't these too look so cute!?

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