Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Brit Decor: Bring your home to life!





Images (from top) 1/ Madness & Honey 2/ Christopher Baker 3/ Casa Gradina 4/ Dougelissa
5/ Hunt and Bow

Bring your home to life!

I have noticed how so many of us use the ushering in of a new year as a trigger for cleansing our homes, whether it's a re-vamp, detox or simply placing a new print. Once our Christmas tree has been cleared away and greetings cards recycled, I always use these moments of seeming bareness to re-evaluate my living space and try out previously unexplored furniture layouts.

The New Year is also a great opportunity to indulge in a mini-interiors makeover and, personally, I like to begin with some new treats for home - cue my imminent delivery of goodies from Future and Found! However, one fantastic and relatively inexpensive makeover is to quite literally breath some new life into your living space with a pot plant or cut flowers, this also gives you the fun task of sourcing a beautiful pot or vase. Alternatively, customise an existing pot with some vibrant paint and give it your own creative stamp like the glamourous collection in the image directly above - fab huh?

I really love the drama created by larger architectural plants like the Rubber Plant Ficus Elastica in no.1 above, which is great for adding a healthy shot of greenery. However, if like me you are limited on space, the extremely popular range of succulents (no.2) can prove to be little gems and these come in a plethora of shapes and colours so there's a plant for everyone AND they require minimal up-keep!

If you really need to save on space or want to create a unique wall feature, then these amazing wall mounted pots (no.3) would make the perfect choice. The great thing is you can chop and change styles and colours of plants far easier than applying new wallpaper or paint and you can co-ordinate colours! Below are some of my favourite picks to help you create your very own stylish interior garden so let me know if you have a go...  

1/ Ragkorn rattan pot £19 IKEA 2/ Livfull £4 IKEA 3/ Ceramic Skull planter £26.31 Etsy
4/ Froer herb growing set £2.50 IKEA 5/ Mini plant pot (hand dipped) £8.14 Etsy

Do you have a favourite plant or planter in your home?

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