Friday, 6 December 2013

Brit Decor: Weekend Projects

1/ Gingerbread house cutter set £4.99 Lakeland 2/ Christmas dolls sewing kit £20 Hunky Dory Home
3/ Christmas craft white Angel £5.50 Not on the High Street 4/ Freya & Frankie Fox craft kit
£8.25 Hunky Dory Home

For me, Christmas has always been a time of making, even as far back as my early childhood I can vividly remember assisting in the ritual making of the Christmas cake with my Gran and sister. Of course back then my main interest was in the final exciting stages of decorating the snow white icing with miniature fir trees and a waving Santa Claus!

With the exception of the Christmas cake toppers (sadly lost in action years ago) not much has changed as I still love to make and create at Christmas time. So far this season I have created my own hand printed Christmas cards, featured on Brit Decor in November. However, I still feel the urge to make my first ever gingerbread house as well as finish a restoration project on a treasured ottoman handed to me by my Great Gran #Sentimental, following some sterling advice from @dsjon at The Cantin' Patch.

So in the spirit of Christmas creativity I have selected a handful of fun projects all of which would make fantastic gifts or something nice to keep for yourself! I first spotted this charming little gingerbread house cutter set (no.1) in Lakeland whilst on a shopping trip with @micholoughlin and it's something that I just have to try making. 

Hunky Dory Home is a must see store for crafting projects with this vibrant Christmas dolls sewing set by Jane Foster (no.2) perfect for scattering on the sofa to add some festive cheer or a sweet playroom decoration for the kids. Also from the same store are these cuter than cute Freya & Frankie fox characters which come complete with full instructions.

If you are still looking for finishing touches to decorate your Christmas tree this year, how about making your own? This Christmas Craft white Angel by Little Ella James may be just what you need and is available from Not on the High Street.

The next few weekends could be busy…

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