Monday, 16 December 2013

Brit Decor: Palette/ Festive

Image / Sarah Barksdale Design 1/ Godta mugs £1.25 IKEA 2/ New Gate wall clock £29.95
Bloomsbury Store 3/ Fair Isle cushion £20 John Lewis

I couldn't resist another walk around the shops on Saturday, gazing at each of the beautiful store front displays and eyeing up the tempting gifts (and there were many!). Myself and @simonwatsonpt even had a toy store stay open for us as I pondered over a last minute gift for an honorary niece, although we were totally unaware of this until I reached the checkout, we did feel a little bit like VIP's!  

It was such a relief to finally finish hand-printing and then writing out my Christmas cards, which are now just a post box away from being sent to my amazing family and friends. In the midst of the card making production line, the Christmas tree was finally decorated and so far we've only seen one broken bauble thanks to an over curious Siamese cat.

Although the UK weather is currently far from festive, the increasing number of prettily decorated houses and gardens, the sparkling town centres and general air of excitement are working wonders on my Christmas spirit, which led to today's classic Christmas palette of red and white. In reality this colour combo looks great at any time of the year, I'm particularly fond of mixing up the traditional blue & white coastal look by switching the blue in favour of red for a crisp and energised finish.

I am really taken with the 'above' Fair Isle knitted cushion from John Lewis (3), which puts me in mind of one of Mr Bazaar's festive knits! How cute and fun are these patterned glass Godta mugs from IKEA, perfect for a drop of winter warming hot chocolate with a shot of ginger!? I am also rather partial to a notebook as I find it very therapeutic scribbling down notes and ideas for future blog posts and how nice would it be to pull one of these fetching designs 'below', also from John Lewis (6) out of your desk drawer?

I hope your week ahead is full of bright festive cheer and inspiration!

Image / Design*Sponge 4/ Rox footstool £65 Habitat 5/ Snomys candles £5 IKEA
6/ House exercise books £4 John Lewis

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