Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Brit Decor: Winter Med

Images (from top) 1/ Keltainen Talo Rannalla  2/ Vart Nya Hem 3Julie Hall 4/ House to Home
5Vart Nya Hem 6/ Heather Bullard 7/ Simple Splendid Things 8/ Eenig Wonen

If I wake up to more than two consecutive mornings of heavy rain, I begin to yearn for some sunshine as my vitamin D levels begin to ebb away. Therefore, I decided to look South for today's post in search of some inspiration from the beautiful blues and bright whites of the Mediterranean - yes Brit Decor is going 'Med-style'.

The abundance of sunlight in the Med intensifies the effect of the sugar cubed white washed buildings, something which I find so visually uplifting, especially when combined with the classic deep oceanic blues, the warm shades of terracotta roof tiles and the intricacy of the decorative ceramic tiles.

There is something so simple and yet so elegant about Mediterranean design, just look at the glorious vivid blue stairwell above, or the striking grey and white floor tiles, which provide all the detail you need for an elegant Mediterranean interior.

To create your own Med style, brilliant white is a 'must' base colour, mix in some fresh white and natural linens with a seagrass or coir rug, followed by some vivid deep blue accessories. Or for a contemporary twist, replace the blues with racy pinks like the Al Fresco scene above.

So here's my little ray of sunshine today, I hope that you find your sunshine too...

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