Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Brit Decor: Stocking Fillers

1/ Les Indiennes Sonata al Chiaro di Luna soap £6 Heals 2/ Beautannia Brighton soap £15
Heals 3/ Atelier Cologne Oolang Infini soap £15 Selfridges & Co 4/ Gianna Rose Atelier
Pug soap £20 Heals 5/ Les Indiennes Love Kills soap £6 Heals 6/ Aquamarine Camphor
Soap Stone Rock £32 Giftlab

As the hunt for Christmas gifts in now officially underway in my household, I have begun sourcing indulgent little stocking fillers and it was during one of these searches that I stumbled upon a forgotten  friend...

Soap bars were once a staple feature of every home in the early to mid-twentieth Century until they fell out of fashion and were superseded by liquid pump soaps. However, in 2013 there has been something of a renaissance in the world of soap manufacturing and the amazing array of scents, colours, textures and even shapes now available is really quite exciting!

My graphic designer's eye has also been drawn to some stunning packaging like the uber-cool Les Indiennes Love Kills soap with its striking skull design. Also, how cute is the Gianna Rose Atelier Pug soap - too nice to use!? And despite currently being in the midst of Autumnal fever, I found myself coming over very 'British seaside' when I spotted the vibrant colours of the Beautannia Brighton soap packaging.

Perhaps looking at this selection of stylish soaps today is rather apt considering the torrential rain that is currently beating against my window but I hope you are inspired by some of these treats. (Santa, if you happen to be reading today's Brit Decor, I'll have the 'Love Kills' soap please).

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