Thursday, 7 November 2013

Brit Decor: Oceanic Escape

Image / Area of Interest 1/ Salt water Cure Mug $15 Society6 2/ Fractal Geometric
Emporer Penguin Tote $22 Society6 3/ Savine Aqua Tye Dye Cushion £45
Designers Guild 4/ White Whale (set of 3) Stationery Cards $12 Society6

Today we are going on an oceanic adventure...just imagine a weathered cargo ship slicing through majestic white waves on a long mystery journey. I spent a rather fun chunk of time tweeting with friends last night about holidays and fun new journeys #interiorboysseekingsun, which led me to today's inspiration.

I love the array of colours and textures produced through the process of rusting, which is naturally accelerated on ships due to the constant exposure to salty air and water. So here are just a handful of beautiful goodies that I collected on my own journey of inspiration online.

I hope you are planning an exciting new adventure...

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