Friday, 11 October 2013

Brit Decor: Into the Dark

Image / Graham Atkins Hughes 1/ Cosmos candlestick £21 Quince Living 2/ Liel table lamp £45 Habitat
3/ Welsh Slate paint,  £30 2.5L Mini Moderns

Depending on where in the world you are reading this from, have you noticed the darker mornings and evenings as we drift towards Winter here in the UK where the clocks will soon roll backwards? Although it sometimes pains me to crawl out of bed on a morning whilst it looks as though it should still be the dead of night, there are some visual benefits to be had, not to mention a large dose of inspiration... 

This is a great time of year for spotting dramatic cloud formations against dark and brooding cinematic skies both at sunrise and sunset. For me the coming months are all about contrast; light  and dark, warm cosy interiors versus the cold outdoors (I am reaching for my warmer sweater as I type).

Today I have handpicked a selection of images and corresponding accessories with the following criteria: The darker the colour, the greater the impact! If you are looking to create a softer look then use gradual tones that neatly blend together, whilst contrasting light and dark colours are the way to go if you want a to add a statement 'kick' to your surroundings.

Talking of clouds, I love the clever use of midnight blue below as a backdrop for the dramatic cloud print and the cloud-like paper lampshade, which tie in nicely with the simple white sofa (note how the cushions draw in the colours used elsewhere in the room).

So maybe next time you're looking at an early morning sky, try visualising your own inspirational colour palette.

Happy weekend everyone!

Image / Roche-Bobois 1/ Pedro low black spindle side table £135 Habitat 2/ Vate pendant lamp shade £7.50 IKEA
3/ Paisley Crescent cushion £45 Mini Moderns
Image / Oliver Yaphe 1/ Kiva cushion £20 Habitat 2/ Home Suite Home candle £3.99 H&M
3/ Black Blue No.95 £38 2.5L Farrow & Ball

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