Monday, 14 October 2013

Brit Decor: Confectionery Colour

Image / Starling Store

Boy do I have a sweet tooth and yes, maybe I did indulge in one (or possibly two) sweet treats during the course of the weekend! Taste buds aside, since my early childhood I have always been captivated by the colourful art of confectionery, whether it's sugar-coated naked sweets in neatly aligned jars or beautifully wrapped chocolates, there is something very aesthetically pleasing about these colourful little gems.

This doesn't mean that I have abandoned my minimalist principles but I do think these candy colours make stunning accents when set against a crisp white backdrop, from the delicate powder-pale pinks of turkish delight to Willy Wonka brights, these colours look almost good enough to eat don't you think?

So with my sweet tooth well and truly aching for more, I have selected some of my favourite brights to  bring some confectionery colour style to your homes...

Images (clockwise from top) 1/ House Doctor 2/ Starling Store 3/ Bit of Sunshine 
4/ Modern Medusa Head

Image/ Kokopelia 1/ Habibi Side table £1,069 Nest
2/ Eleanor Pritchard Easterly Cushion £99 Heals 3/ P H 5 Pendant Lamp £475 Skandium

Image / Casadevalentina 1/ Verdigris Paint £30 Mini Moderns 2/ Hello card £2.75 Starling Store
3/ Ki Mirror £55.20 Clippings

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