Monday, 2 September 2013

Brit Decor: Weekend Remedy

Did you have a great weekend? On Saturday I was beginning to get that  'back to school' feeling with my imminent return to work (today) following two wonderfully relaxing weeks off, including my amazing trip to Venice. 

Therefore, I decided that my mood needed to be remedied so after hastily making a couple of phone calls to friends, we found ourselves walking the sunny streets of Bath amongst the shoppers, tourists and buskers.

Our choice of lunchtime destination was the newly refurbished Porter which is decorated in a soothing palette of soft pastels and neutrals with an interesting mix of raw materials like the stunning rough texture of the natural wood wall panelling and the chiseled Bath stone wall in the Clayton's Kitchen area. This contrasted with the slightly more refined classic interiors of the upstairs bar/lounge and library area - the beautiful wooden armchairs with decorative cushions particularly caught my eye.

Lunch was almost the perfect tonic but there was still just something missing...
and of course it was desert so what better way to remember my recent holiday than to take a stroll to Yammo, the retro-style Neopolitan diner for some gelato. I opted for three scoops; Vanilla, Black Cherry Kirsch and Peaches & Cream and boy was it good! My weekend remedy was completed.

Bring on the week ahead!

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