Monday, 23 September 2013

Brit Decor: Time Piece


The week ahead will be a busy one, even with my precious Italian-style coffee breaks I will be up against a mountainous workload and so there has to be a big emphasis on schedules and timescales in order for me to keep my sanity as well as getting the job done.

However, whilst planning for this hectic period I realised just how little I rely on wall clocks these days - not only has my trusted iPhone become my primary source of communication, Music and photos, it is also my clock of choice.  

I was left feeling slightly guilty about this as I used to love wall clocks as a child, particularly the 1970's golden sunburst clock in my grandparent's lounge! So perhaps I've allowed myself to become a little bit too 21st Century? After all, clocks are beautiful and so varied as they gently tick and chime away in a familiar and somewhat soothing rhythm. Tick tock, tick tock...

Perhaps I will make a concerted effort to look up at a clock rather than down at my phone from now on? So here we have it, Brit Decor's favourite selection of clocks - I really like the sleek font clock below by Established & Son's as well as the characterful clock plates from Rockett St George!

1 Karlsson Rainbow wall clock £33.50 Clippings / 2 Mr Jones Watches Countdown Clock £95 Culture Label / 3 Watch me wall clock £30 Clippings / 4 Clock Plate Clocks £39 Rockett St George / 5 Established & Sons Font Clock £259 Clippings

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