Monday, 30 September 2013

Brit Decor: Sunday Bake

On Sunday I found myself once again indulging in my new favourite thing: Simplicity. Heaven knows I needed it after a super-busy week and so no wonder I was again determined to focus on the simple things this weekend.

After a walk around the historic Bishop's Palace in the Somerset city of Wells, I felt so inspired by the beautifully tended tranquil gardens and allotments that when I arrived home feeling completely chilled, there was only one thing I wanted to do - go blackberry picking! 

Even the thought of this activity reminds me of simpler times as a child when me and my sister used to head off to the nearby fields with our wonderful Gran. Each of us would be armed with carrier bags and containers as we went about our mission to gather blackberries for Gran to cook up some culinary delight for desert. There is something so therapeutic about selecting the ripened berries and gently negotiating around the thorns with the knowledge that the end result will be a scrumptious fruit crumble or a sweet jam. Equally nice was the thought that despite living in a world of fast-moving change, some things never change.

On this occasion I decided to opt for a blackberry and apple crumble, mainly because I had some left over apples which make the perfect pudding partner for blackberries with a sprinkling of sugar for added sweetness. I love the homely smell of golden crumble topping baking in the oven as the deep red blackberry juices gently bubble to the surface and fuse with the apple slices to tint them a rich pink colour. Needless to say the end result was a scrumptious sweet treat, which possibly tasted just that little bit nicer knowing that most of the ingredients were free!

We miss you Gran.

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