Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Brit Decor: Petal Palette

I find this an odd time of year, an in-between period of balmy Summer days and chilly Autumn nights, which is leading to some pleasant and exciting surprises in the garden. 

A few days of sunshine can still prompt a last minute bloom (or three) and the tomatoes are turning from green, to orange and finally a bright and mouthwatering red. I love taking a wander in the garden and making these discoveries after a day of sitting in front of a computer screen - it's moments like these that bring me down to earth with a pleasant bump!

I couldn't resist snipping off some of the flower heads (photographed above) to bring inside for a concentrated burst of indoor colour. The deep reds of the Dahlias and the subtle pastel pinks of the scented wall roses really do add a warmth and vibrancy that is hard to beat.

My inspired finds in the garden led me to see how I could mirror this natural palette with some of the latest UK home accessories. By far the cutest buy is the red & white miniature Letterpress book about cooking (7) and the vivid red of the Habitat towel set (5) would set any bathroom on fire! Meanwhile, Kate Hume's pebble vase (6) really reminds me of the Dahlia's with their large and elegantly curved petal heads.

Which is your favourite buy?

1/ Gold Fragment mug & plate from £12 Starling Store 2/ Lino Forlino cushion £55 The Conran Shop
3/ Lope knitted cushion £45 Habitat 4/ Orla Kiely Rhubarb Reed diffuser £22.95 Bloomsbury Store 5/ Egyptian red towels from £2 Habitat 6/ Kate Hume Pebbles vase (Aubergine) £339 The Conran Shop 7/ 
Letterpress miniature book on cooking £3.95 Bloomsbury Store

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