Friday, 2 August 2013

Brit Decor: Spotlight

Lately I seem to be on a constant and exciting voyage of discovery. It gives me such a buzz when I stumble across works that stop me in my tracks and this amazing cocktail cabinet by the very talented Sassy Hardwick, recently provided me with one of those moments! 

I found myself drawn to this stunningly statuesque cabinet, which also has an eclectic feel to it, from the moment I saw it. Sassy has cleverly applied a black finish with a subtle hint of brown to create warmth, whilst the bold stripe pattern detailing adds drama and contrast. I love the fact that when Sassy found a 1964 copy of the Telegraph inside the cabinet, she used two pages of it to cover the walls of the cabinet before painting over them, revealing a tantalising hint of the articles underneath. Now that's thoughtful design detailing for you!

As well as creating ready to buy bespoke items, Sassy also undertakes commissions - very exciting!

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