Friday, 9 August 2013

Brit Decor: Palette

I am always seeking new inspiration and more often than not it seems to seek me out, or maybe it's the same thing? Anyway, enough philosophizing for today! My latest palette inspiration is this simply beautiful image by Walter Helena. Clouds fascinate me in the way that they are constantly changing shape, colour and consistency and yes I really do like to think of them as giant cotton puffs!

Grey is all around you! It's a subtle technique but you will notice that many of the top interiors websites apply grey backgrounds to many of their product styling images, (The Conran Shop, Heals, to name but a few). Grey is the new white....surely?

Whoever said that grey was boring? There are so many tones to choose from; light and uplifting chalky shades through to dark and broody charcoals, whether you want to use this colour as a base tone or as a feature block, use it with pride in your home! 

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