Saturday, 24 August 2013

Brit Decor: Casual


Casual Living is all about comfort and no-fuss styling and it's everywhere. Perhaps this is the result of a backlash against the increasing demands of everyday life, or maybe we just appreciate our 'downtime' at home more than ever before? 

Whatever the reason for its popularity, this relaxed style is also a big influence on my own interior styling and I love quietly lounging on my sofa with a good book and a cat or two - it's not just about the look, it's also about the feel of the scheme.

This casual style sees personal objects, textile accessories and plants take the centre stage against a backdrop of neutrals. I recently received a beautiful little thank-you card from my godchildren, which now takes pride of place on a bookshelf in my study rather than hiding away in a drawer. 

Gentle grading of colours really add to the chilled-out mood of these schemes and the look is so easy to achieve - effort free remember! Here are my favourite ideas for creating the casual look:

1. Use plenty of cushions and add one or two throws for a comforting, plush feel to your sofas and chairs but just scatter these for a fuss-free casual look.

2. Leave a selection of some of your favourite books and magazines out on display for that personal touch - book covers can be mini works of art too!

3. Add a touch of nature! Pretty cut flowers, pot plants or even some beautiful twigs in a simple vase can be totally calming.

4. Decorate a wall or sideboard with a selection of informal photos (unframed) and objects. These should make you smile and will add an interesting focal point.

5. Don't tidy things away (within reason) remember it's all about a relaxed, casual style with all the essentials at hand.

This is such a beautifully easy style to follow and a very personal one too.
Happy styling!    
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