Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Brit Decor's Top ten Makeover Tips: Number Eight

I recall taking the bold decision several years ago to rip up an old bedroom carpet before painting the floorboards underneath a matt white to create a minimal look, similar to the first image (above). This might sound radical but the process instantly transformed what was a tired looking room and filled it with light. The room also appeared to double in size and the best thing was - this relatively easy makeover cost very little and was easy to achieve!

If you feel this might be a bit too much for you, look back at tip number 5 and think about adding a rug to soften the look and add texture.

There are so many options to explore in terms of colouring, finish i.e. gloss for a slick urban style or matt for a softer feel, and then there's pattern too. I love the mock tiles painted in the hallway above and you can create any number of patterns using either a stencil or, if you are feeling very creative, design your own!

IMAGES: 1 Living etc / 2 roomenvy.co.uk / 3 Desdemventana / 4 Coastal Living

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