Monday, 1 July 2013

Brit Decor's Top ten Makeover Tips: Number Seven
I always think of mirrors as very clever interior tools - for example they can add light when positioned adjacent to a window and larger mirrors can create the illusion of additional space, which can be particularly useful in smaller rooms. Similarly, when candles or small lamps are positioned in front of a mirror, the reflected warm glowing light bounces around the room and can create a cosy evening feel.

The vintage look is still trending, which also offers the opportunity for some budget saving finds at your local vintage shops and artisan fairs. Try mixing several different shapes and sizes to achieve an eclectic feel bursting with character.

If you are struggling for storage space in your bedroom or bathroom, perhaps think about a freestanding mirror with hidden storage - practical and stylish too!

IMAGES: 2 Uxus Design Office / 3 Gerrit Engel / 4 Birch & Bird / 5 & 6 John Lewis
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