Monday, 29 July 2013

Brit Decor: Stripes

Yes I am into stripes big time at the moment, I'm even wearing a stripy sweatshirt whilst writing this article!

I have always found stripes very appealing in interiors - I love the way that stripes seemingly bring order to a scheme, or maybe this is because I am a bit of a compulsive obsessive when it comes to being tidy and organised? (I probably shouldn't admit to this!)

If you are looking for impact, then stripes are a great way of achieving this; monochrome for a slick urban feel, blues for coastal, and multi-coloured for a vibrant and uplifting scheme. Vertical stripes are most commonly used in interiors and help to create the illusion of height whilst horizontal stripes give a sense of width.

I have picked a small selection of stripy goodies below to give you a head start if you feel like following this trend and embracing stripes.

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