Friday, 12 July 2013

Brit Decor: Holiday escape

With the current abundance of sunshine here in the UK, it's no wonder that everyone around me is talking about holidays. There is something so uplifting about this time of year where I often find myself day dreaming that I am laid on a sun drenched beach or meandering through some cobbled streets on a far away Greek island...

Whether or not you are going to be a Brit abroad this Summer, you can still bring a holiday feel to your home. Here I've opted for a seaside blue and white theme with a Greek feel to it but you could add any colour to the mix so long as it is bold and beautiful! This will help to create your very own holiday escape interior.

I hope you find some inspiration from the shopping picks below.

1 Sanderson Paint, Royal Blue, £34.20 2 Lempi Drinking Glass 2-pack, £42 3 Paris cotton pendant shade, Habitat £65 4 Stripe linen cushion, £30 5 Plain linen cushion cover, £37.50
6 Marimekko In Good Company teapot, Heals £67 7 Rope knot doorstop (small) Salcombe Trading Company £50 Nature Stool, £105.

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