Thursday, 6 June 2013

Brit Decor's colour palette: Indian Dream

India and all of its rich culture has long evoked inspiration in design, from exquisite fabrics, the elegant architecture of the Raj era, to the vibrancy of the Bollywood scene. This is why today's colour palette takes inspiration from the beautiful arched Indian doorway (shown below).

I love how the multi-layered tones of fresh greens add to the sense of depth, almost like a luscious, neatly manicured lawn. Meanwhile the deep yellow arch detail is a great way of adding highlight and helps to frame the doorway. The white marble gives a sense of luxury and really lifts the entire scheme.

Why not try introducing a similar scheme into your space, (it doesn't have to be on such a grand scale) go for vibrant fresh colours that stand out and make you feel good. If you feel the colours alone are too intense for your scheme, perhaps incorporate some natural stone tiles in muted greens or neutrals.

Which colours inspire you?

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